Samantha Singh is an activist, traveler, poet and artist from Belize. At 23, she has traveled to over 25 countries and lived in 3. She has been published in The Guardian newspaper and The New Orleans Review. The title of this site, ‘the sea itself’ is a reference to The Incantation of Frida K by Kate Braverman, her favourite book.

The entire passage reads “They will say I smoked cigarettes and marijuana, cursed hoarse as a crow in all my languages, and loved morphine and Demerol and tequila and pulque, women and men. I will shrug my illusion of shoulders and answer that I am a water woman, not a vessel, not something you can sail or charter. I am instead the tributary, the river, the fluid source, and the sea itself. I am all her rainy implications. And what do you, with your rusted compass, know of love?”

She is currently in the process of completing her first collection of poetry.