n00rvana Makes Cr0tchet C00l Again

Crotchet undeniably had a moment a couple years ago. Back when Tumblr was still galaxy photos, clock necklaces, and summer blogs, crotchet was the epitome of cool. Crotched swimsuits and crops were overrunning Etsy and every fast-fashion retailer from Mexico's Shasa to America's Forever 21 took note. (Shasa is probably still hawking all the same items it was during this storied point in time — it seems as though trends may linger a little longer on Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.) Then, capitalism did what it does and the market was suddenly over-saturated with mass-produced, often badly made, generic crotcheted pieces and the ever-fickle world of fashion moved on. Crotchet had gone from something your grandmother did in her free-time to a marker of bad taste — the uniform of those who shop exclusively at head shops, finding their clothing among black light tapestries and ash catchers.

But then there was n00rvana. Her Instagram bio explains her simply, as a "🌜Creator of Crochet Clothing🌛" with little more detail given on her as an individual, her work being left to speak for itself —which it does.


Her pieces are clever and modern, featuring a neutral palette that does nothing to bring to mind a doily or tablecloth -- the one stumble crotchet fashion often hits.


Often modeling her own pieces, London-based Noorvana is a stunning beauty, complementing her work perfectly. With a distinct understanding of aesthetics and digital persona, she parlays her talent into a full-blown bespoke boutique, developing custom designs at request (although she is booked through the month of May).

model;  @jadesimpsonlim , photo;  @eazyvisuals
Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn

Still an Instagram secret, followed by those in-the-know, part of specific art-fashion oriented Instagram cliques, n00rvana still garners some Celeb attention, from Jourdan Dunn, pictured above in an original earth-toned two-piece.

Handy with a hook and beautiful in her own right, n00rvana seamlessly combines sharp modern shapes with the softness of an age-old practice, and we can't wait to see where she goes from here.

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