Who is Rebekka Harajuku?


Bella Hadid is in Japan. That much we know for sure. Everything else is shrouded in mystery. Has she lost her memory and taken on a new persona à la The Little Princess? Have we unearthed her Japanese doppelgänger? Is this (another) modern reboot of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (minus Nichole Kidman)?

All we know for certain is that Rebekka Harajuku burst onto the Instagram scene three days ago and has since garnered 20.4k followers. Not bad for a first week. But who is this banged and bobbed fashionista boasting Palty's signature light beige locks? The detectives at RG1525 are here to unearth the truth.

Any 90's kid worth their Troll dolls remembers Gwen Stefani's Harajuku lovers phase. Love. Angel. Music. Baby., released in 2003, introduced a generation reared on Bratz dolls rather than Barbies, to the extravagance of the Harajuku lifestyle. Flash forward to 2018, and it appears Gweny Gwen Gwen may have had a particularly large impact on a certain Palestinian It-Girl. Enter: Rebekka Harajuku.

Rebekka's grand entrance to society actually initially occurred on Bella's Instagram. In a post captioned "🎀Rebekka Harajuku 🎀at your service", our favourite Hadid presents us with a photo of Bex peering cheekily over a pair of small 90's shades in front of a large photo of Bella herself. What is Bella trying to tell us with this photo? Is it a treatise on the duality of (wo)man? A statement on the fluidity of public persona? Only time will tell.

Now this is where things get truly interesting. With the following photo, Rebekka introduces us to a friend, Jenny Nogizaka. Jenny, who does not appear to have an Instagram account, is pictured raising her chop sticks to Bekka's mouth as though just having finished feeding her. Is this a statement on consumerism? The feeling of invisibility social media can often stir in those not as technologically savvy? We can only speculate.

While others have suggested that the @rebekkaharajuku account is a guerrilla marketing campaign/teaser for an upcoming collab between Bella and a Japanese brand yet to be named, we at RG1525 are on to the truth. The only solutions we will accept are that Bella Hadid is indeed this generation's Marina Abramovic, presenting us with the next evolution of performance art, or Rebekka is a real girl, sent here by the same people who replaced Avril Lavigne. Look it up.