The Curious Case of Melania Trump | Prompt News

Why is First Lady Melania Trump still in the white house? Why is she still married to serial sexual predator Donald Trump? What is she trying to accomplish?


Mollie Tibbetts | Prompt News

The Republican propaganda machine has seized on the tragedy of Mollie Tibbetts to exploit it for political gain. It should not have to be said that this is deplorable.

BREAKING: Paul Manafort Flips, Cooperating with Mueller | Prompt News

Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's campaign chair, has plead guilty to Conspiracy Against The United States in federal court. Manafort has also agreed to cooperate fully with the Mueller Russia investigation.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh is Wrong On Roe vs. Wade | Prompt News

Justice Brett Kavanaugh has been caught lying to the senate, is the least popular SCOTUS nominee ever, and has views completely out of the mainstream-- especially on Roe v. Wade. Here's what happens if Kavanaugh gets confirmed.