‘The Irony of Pastor Scott Stirm’ for the Guardian Newspaper

“The irony in all this, is of course, lost on those blinded by their internalized Eurocentric concepts of right and wrong, those who refuse to allow their society to move forward, out of the dark shadow of prejudices handed down to them by their former oppressors. They have been left to steep in this culture for too long to understand the need for change. One can only hope that the next generation understands their history and it’s faults in a way that prevents it from repeating itself once again, disguised in a new, more modern black coat.”

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‘The Amandala’s Colin Bh & Rape Apologism, Misogyny, Racism, General Ignorance’ for the Guardian Newspaper

“With his insistence on the importance of “virtuous women” in society, Bh kicks off his descent into what can only be described as broad scoping and very dangerous ignorance. The entire article is a tapestry of slut shaming, victim blaming and racism stitched together with terrible semantics and bad jokes. And yet, when asked for comment on the backlash he has so far received, he doesn’t understand what he’s done wrong?

Well today is your lucky day, Colin. I’m here to set you straight.”

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